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The Internal Flame

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New insights into silent inflammation, longevity and the science of functional food.

Written by Dr Roderick Mulgan 

New Zealander, Dr Roderick Mulgan's research into the link between nutrition and health led him to understand that functional foods, as well as general lifestyle interventions, might prevent or at least significantly delay the development of diseases. Diseases such as heart attacks, cancer and dementia are the products of inflammation and Dr Mulgan's work indicates that inflammation can be modified. 

"How you live and what you eat makes all the difference," he says. "Smoking and salmon, walnuts and weight gloss, almonds and alcohol, blueberries, white flour, sugar, meditation - each will turn the thermostat of inflammation up or down."

Dr Mulgan has also developed a range neutraceuticals which can't be accessed efficiently from whole food to aid immunity, sleep and the fight against inflammation.  His Lifeguard products are available at