Forty Thieves

Partners; Brent and Shyr created Forty Thieves with the desire to bring honest and wholesome food into pantries across Aotearoa. From Day 1, the focus has always been to find the perfect balance between healthy and delicious without ever compromising on the ingredient list.

Forty Thieves source only the highest quality non-GMO whole ingredients and where possible opt for spray-free options like their NZ grown Macadamias and sulphate-free nuts like their Australian whole Almonds.

Each nut butter is packaged in glass jars, where up to 90% of the glass used has already been recycled. Metal lids are used over cheaper plastic alternatives and the NZ-made labels are printed on FSC approved paper.

The Forty Thieves name is inspired by an adventure packed tale filled with hidden treasure, enchanted caves and the famous secret passcode: Open Sesame. Like the magical cave, each Forty Thieves nut butter is also ‘packed with hidden gems’ – protein, heart-healthy fats, fibre, vitamins and minerals.