Manuka RX - Hand Sanitisers


The long history of manuka as a multi-tasking herbal remedy inspired us to develop ManukaRx® to harnesses the potent properties of New Zealand Manuka oil. Working with leading chemists and biomedical scientists we developed our first ManukaRx® product late in 2016 and since then we have continued a product development pipeline aiming to help with many bacterial, viral and fungal skin conditions which Manuka seems to have been designed for.

Our New Zealand owned business is good for the planet first and foremost, good for our customers, good for our suppliers, good for our partners and good for our people. Some companies have the USP, we have our OSP

  • ManukaRx Organic – We strive to use organic ingredients wherever possible
  • ManukaRx Sustainability – We will only use ingredients that are sustainably harvested and produced
  • ManukaRx Partnerships – we try to form long term partnerships partner with local suppliers, so they are able to offer local employment opportunities.

We love what we do, and we try very hard to be easy to do business with.