Stonehurst Mushrooms

We are a Dunedin (New Zealand) based edible fungi farm.

​Production wise, we are still in our infancy and at present we are still awaiting the growth of the mycorrhizal (host tree dependent) fungi that we hope to supply in the future. However, while we wait for the occasion we are currently producing oyster mushrooms along with shiitake and poplar mushrooms in smaller quantities inside our growing rooms.

​Our goal is to provide locally (New Zealand) grown dried gourmet mushroom products that are both flavoursome and healthy - along with a range of products that are gluten & dairy FREE.

Our mushrooms are picked, graded and placed in dehydrators within hours of harvest to ensure quality and freshness.​
​*Please note our dehydrated products are packed to order thus large orders may result in occasional shortfalls/delays in product supply.​