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Cats Work Like This

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Cat lovers will adore this must-have, erudite, tongue-in-cheek guide to the inner musings of our feline friends.

New Zealanders are among the world leaders in pet ownership. Cats are the most popular with 44% of New Zealand homes have one or more cats or 1.1 million cats! That’s a lot of ailurophiles who know that even after ten thousand years of living with cats, no one really has a clue what their cat is thinking.

Cats Work Like This is a humorous romp through the fundamentals of cat behaviour and motivation, offering insight into how they get the most from their humans.

This is an insider’s guide, from a cat’s eye point of view, into the unfathomable mind of the cat, based on the observations of the authors over two generations of watching their own cats work. Filling the gap between prettily written cat biographies and workman like cat care manuals, Cats Work Like This speaks to the pure joy, and not a little eyebrow-arching perplexity, known exclusively by those who find comfort in the company of cats.

Chapters include Habits, with an insight into how cats train you to have the right ones; and The Scientific Cat, with observations and empirical learning following the classic scientific method, as cats are natural sceptics requiring hard data to confirm their working theories.

With a focus on attention, emotion, cute affection, manipulation, cunning and cussedness, Cats Work Like This gives a rare insight into the elusive workings of a cat’s mind.


David St John Thomas was a British publisher who founded David & Charles in the UK and USA, and Writers News Magazine. David wrote over thirty books including For the Love of a Cat.

David’s son, Gareth St John Thomas, is the founder and CEO of Exisle Publishing, based in Whanganui. He has been working with books since he was 11 years old, starting out by helping his dad. Gareth has written other adult and children’s books including Finding True Connections and Grandpa’s Noises.

Cats Work Like This is a project begun by David and completed by his son, after Gareth discovered the unfinished manuscript in his late father’s papers.  It celebrates their mutual love for the published word, an affection for cats in general, and in particular Sarah, a Siamese Seal Point who was an important member of the St John Thomas household.

Published by Exisle Publishing:  Hardback |  210 x 152mm  | 176 Pages |