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Edible Perennials

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Perennials in the vege garden are nothing new, many old gardens would have had easy care perennials and self sowers as the basis of their food supply. It is only in more modern times that we have stepped away from these foods and embraced the hybrid vegetable, the seeds of which no longer produce true to type. There has, however, been a shift back to heritage crops; a renaissance of seed savers and the rise in popularity of food forests that has seen perennial veges regain their place in gardens. Today many of these perennial edibles are unknown and apart from asparagus and rhubarb will not be found at the green grocers or supermarket. It may take some adjustments for us to get used to cooking and eating many of them, but with over 150 plants in this book, you may be surprised how many are already in your garden. Paperback 138 pages

Rebecca Stewart lives with her husband David and two daughters on an off-grid homestead in the depths of rural New Zealand. She writes articles, blogs and books about their way of life and encourages others to embrace this way of living

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