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Fodder and Forage - Creating Diverse Animal Feed Systems in New Zealand

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This handbook is designed as a convenient collection of plants and information to aid in the creation of diverse alternative feed systems for your livestock. If you are developing a diverse fodder and forage system this is the book to get, to my knowledge there are no other resources which have collated this extent of information into an easy to use guide. Pasture is the most common livestock food source utilised by many of New Zealand’s farmers, lifestyle blockers and homesteaders, but there is a vast selection of plants that can be utilised as well. Incorporating trees, shrubs, perennials and herbs etc into your feed systems can provide medicinal support, improve digestive health and regenerate land health. Utilising traditional methods of tree hay or making tree silage can extend the function of these plants as stored feed for periods of low feed availability. This extends the production capabilities of your property and its resilience capacity. Paperback 93 pages

Rebecca Stewart lives with her husband David and two daughters on an off-grid homestead in the depths of rural New Zealand. She writes articles, blogs and books about their way of life and encourages others to embrace this way of living

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