NZ Lifestyle Block - Spring Special

NZ Lifestyle Block - Spring Special

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Learn how to be more self-sufficient, connect with your land, live a sustainable life and be in tune with nature. Expert advice on how to look after your chooks and other animals, grow great fruit and vegetables on your little piece of paradise.

The current issue is September 2020 in stores from 31 August.

The next issue is October 2020, in stores from 28 September.

  • To start your subscription with the issue currently available to subscribers and for sale in retail stores, select 'current issue' under the 'Subscription Start' drop down menu.
  • If you have already purchased a copy of the current issue and wish to start the subscription with the next issue when it is available, select 'next issue' under the 'Subscription Start' drop down menu.
  • If you are an existing subscriber and wish to renew your subscription, select 'Add to the end of my current subscription' under the 'Subscription Start' drop down menu. You can enter your customer number in the note screen when you order your cart.

 Renewing subscribers can enter the renewal discount code (find this on the back of the renewal letter under the heading 'Subscription Offers' at the checkout to receive a loyalty discount. See third tab above for more details 

International subscriptions to the print edition of NZ Lifestyle Block are no longer available due to freight increases as a result of Covid-19.  Digital subscriptions are available through Press Reader.

The May 2020 issue is available digitally from 27 April.


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